Shawna Perry - and CAMRA Vancouver Executive Board Member

Craft beer has brought me the most amazing community of friends and new family. Since my "revolution" I've had the joy of meeting so many new people, most who have turned in to the closest friends I've had in years. The hard work of the many men and women who dedicate hours to churning out the highest quality products has spurned so many conversations, meals, and festivals for all of us to gather, discuss, laugh, and bond.

Craft beer has been the catalyst for so many people to experience the same community, and the best part is that everyone is always welcome!


Jared: Co-Founder/Host of On Tap Podcast

You've heard me say it on the podcast: "Beer is a big tent, Cameron." For my first #mycraftbeerphilosophy entry I want to dig a little deeper into that expression... 

Let me start by saying there's no such thing as good art and there's no such thing as bad art. Only art. We can individually evaluate a piece of art based on criteria we've chosen to employ, but there's no objective standard to qualify art. Art cannot be defined.

When I say that "beer is a big tent", I'm hoping to get at the idea that we should approach beer in the same way. I grant that beer may perhaps be qualified by one trait - the fermentation of some sort of sugar by yeast - but there's no other objective standard for your or I to judge beer against. Once the yeast gods have worked their magic, it's beer - whether it's ale or lager, light or stout, pale or dark, sweet or sour, macro-brewed or single cask.

I've had some great beer, and I've had some terrible beer (my first attempt at home brewing comes to mind), but only because I've set my own expectations. The fear of any true craft beer enthusiast should be that we set too many expectations of beer, to the point that it limits our search, or narrows the creativity of the brewer. Like art, beer is the clash of styles, flavours, aromas, ideas, philosophies. As a crafter, my only goal is to explore as much of the tent as I can.

Aman Sidhu: Co-founder/Director Of Operations of Hathi Brewing

I became a huge fan of craft beer a few years back. It was about more than just the beer. It was about the art, the culture, the community and how it all came together. Now as we start our Brewery this has never been more true. The support and feedback we have received from other breweries is like no other industry. The craft beer community looks at new breweries as a welcome and positive addition to the craft beer movement. The people are genuine and passionate about what they do, and it shows in what they produce. For us, at Hathi Brewing, this is more about what we can do for the community. We want to provide a place where people gather with the ones they love and care about, have a good time and make memories, we just happen to serve beer at that same location. We care about the city we work, live and play in. We care about a lot of the same things other people in the community care about and we want to build on that.

Craft beer is about community, its our contribution to those memories that people will make and being able to share our passion in a way that makes it enjoyable for everyone. 

Cameron Huestis: Creator/Host of On Tap Podcast #MyCraftBeerPhilosophy

Craft beer is an art.

Like all great art, it is heavily influenced by it's environment. This is where my love and appreciation for Craft Beer comes from. I grew up on a farm, where the food we grew ended up on our table. This connection to the ingredients which ended up on my table really made me appreciate the entire process. To me, Craft Beer is an obvious extension of this appreciation, and the greatest breweries are the ones that truly reflect this Local Influence and celebrate it by sourcing ingredients and styles from local producers. In true Craft Beer, each ingredient is added with a purpose, and used in a way that is respectful.

The best Craft Beer is more than just Craft, it's Community Beer.